Dealership Design and Construction, My Two Cents…

“You’ll learn more from Contractors than you ever will in Architecture School”

Hiring the right architect for your dealership project

Hiring the right architect for your dealership project, is a vital part of a successful construction project
Currently under construction in Virginia, the new headquarters for the Exclusive Automotive Group was designed by the Penney Design Group, an architectural firm with experience on a broad range of building types and a team focused on the Automotive Industry.

If I had written on this topic 25 years ago, you would have said I was biased.

Back then, I was working for a large architectural firm in Boston and later in Chicago. I drafted up construction drawings, built models, and ultimately oversaw construction projects. The drawings the firm sent out were without comparison, I thought.


Managing our clients projects so they can focus on their business

When I first set out to write on this topic, the title was going to be “The Top 5 Reasons for a Dealership Owner to Hire an Owner’s Representative”. But as I mentioned in my previous post, while there are other firms that do specialize in representing dealership owners in managing their construction projects, our company takes a broader approach. Therefore, the term “Owners Representative” falls a bit short in truly describing who we are and what we do. As a dealership owner, facility upgrades, manufacturer brand standards, relocations, building improvements, and maintenance are all things that distract you from your daily business. Simply put, our approach is to be the resource for all your facility needs. From start to finish and even afterwards we stay engaged, even helping you maintain your facility well after the ribbon cutting is done and you’re occupying your new project.


Why don’t you go out on your own?

When first presented with the idea of writing a blog, I immediately pushed back thinking, “I am not a writer and I don’t have time to sit down and write about what is on my task list.” Then as I looked back at how ID Automotive came to be, I thought “how could I not?” How could I not share my experiences and give some insight that could help our dealer clients with their car dealership projects. After all, I was encouraged to venture out on my own by some highly respected peers in the Automotive industry, so paying it forward seems right.