Dealer Services

Owner Representation through Planning, Design and Construction

  • Our team works with your brand to ensure your design intent documents meet both your needs as well as the manufacturers. We then prepare a preliminary budget, proposed schedule and help you select an architect (if you don’t already have one). We then work with the design team and help bring the right contractor onboard. We represent you, the dealership owner, through the entire construction process. From start to finish, we take the day-to-day burdens of project management off your team.
  • Our cloud based project management software lets us track and manage each project while allowing you, the dealership owner, along with your team, to have access to budgets, schedules, drawings, progress photos, daily field notes, etc. Your entire project is available via a dashboard view, accessible from any smart phone, tablet or desktop.

Innovation and Design

  • Although we have completed over 300 dealership projects to date, we see each new project as an opportunity to improve on the last. We look to best practices, work with your design team and bring innovative solutions to every project.

Aerial Drone Photography

  • Included with our Construction Services and Site Evaluations, we provide FAA Drone Certified 4k Video and High Resolution photography while on site.

Facility Maintenance

  • After we deliver your project, our team stays engaged to ensure your facility stays maintained over the first year. We provide you with a maintenance portal via our project management software where you can submit maintenance and warranty requests. Beyond that, we offer programs to stay engaged and ensure your facility stays maintained.

Post Occupancy Evaluations

  • Before the end of the first year, we conduct a “post occupancy evaluation”. The intent is to document any materials or equipment that isn’t holding up and work with the respective provider to address any warranty items.

Site Review and Property Inspections for Buy/Sell opportunities

  • We are often asked by our clients to assist with potential Buy/Sell transactions. Under an NDA, we discretely review potential acquisitions, assessing the site, the building infrastructure and the most critical of questions; “What will it take to bring this location up to Brand Standards?”. Of all our services, this is an essential item when negotiating on an acquisition.

Project Development and Delivery

Our cloud based project management software lets us track and manage our clients projects from any smart phone, tablet or desktop. Budgets, Schedules, Drawings, Progress Photos, Daily Logs, everything and everything about your project is accessible via a dashboard view. Whether a single point project or a client that has multiple projects, each client gets their owner project portal and a real-time view of each one of their projects.