When first presented with the idea of writing a blog, I immediately pushed back thinking, “I am not a writer and I don’t have time to sit down and write about what is on my task list.” Then as I looked back at how ID Automotive came to be, I thought “how could I not?” How could I not share my experiences and give some insight that could help our dealer clients with their car dealership projects. After all, I was encouraged to venture out on my own by some highly respected peers in the Automotive industry, so paying it forward seems right.

When I finished Architecture school, I never imagined I would land in the Automotive Industry. In fact, working for some well-established firms in Boston and Chicago, I was involved with and worked on universities, banking, retail, high end residential and even an Embassy for the State Department, everything but Automotive.

Looking back a bit further, I still remember reading the article on the Forbes top 100 companies, seeing JM Family / Southeast Toyota listed as number 14, and while very impressed with the organization, thinking it would be very unlikely that they would need an Architect. Then, a few months later, there was a job opening for an Assistant Facility and Design Manger. Although I was over-qualified, I knew the company had an outstanding reputation. Being a Car Guy, I figured I would really enjoy it, so I applied… Little did I know, it would turn into a 14-year tenure with me eventually overseeing all Toyota Dealership projects throughout the Southeast. It was job and company that I loved and still hold with the highest regard.

There came a time when I realized I couldn’t grow any further and I had several Toyota dealer clients commenting they wished I could help them with similar car dealership projects for their other brands. So, with the biggest of leaps, I left the comfort of a great company went on to start my own. It was a leap that has proven to be one of the best and unexpected career deviations.

Writing this blog, beyond “how I arrived here”, is simply a continuation of me helping automotive dealers with their facility projects. In the automotive industry there are a few Owners Representatives and Project Managers who specialize in the Automotive Industry. However. while ID automotive does work directly for owners and help them manage their projects, we bring a unique approach and skill set. Having been on the manufacturer side with Toyota, and currently as a facility partner to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars North America, ID automotive brings that knowledge and experience to our automotive group and dealer clients. That translates to a more holistic project approach, and a deeper understanding of “both sides” of the project for both the dealer and the manufacturer.

From the day I first started the company, to this day, everyone on the ID automotive team looks to continually find best practices and best solutions, working with our clients and the brands they represent to do what makes sense for each project.

In conclusion, the ID branding speaks to the Innovation and Design, the core of every project we touch.