Dealership Construction

Washing a customer’s car is like a cup coffee

Washing a customer’s car. Probably not a blog topic you might expect here. Bear with me. A few weeks ago, I was visiting a dealership. As I wandered around the store while waiting for my meeting, I noticed there was no coffee available and one of the two available vending machines was broken. Although I […] Read More »

Merchandising in Your Showroom is More than just Balloons

I’ve often walked into a dealership and wondered, who makes the call on what cars go in the showroom?  The average person probably doesn’t ask this question as they walk into your dealership but as an Architect in the car business, it’s a question I am constantly asking myself.  These are, understandably, exceptional times. New […] Read More »

Five considerations when selecting a General Contractor for your dealership project.

Over the years we have overseen countless projects; new construction, renovations, service expansions, brand upgrades. Everything from showroom renovations under 5000 square feet to ground up 100,000 square foot plus dealership builds and everything in between.  One thing that consistently rings true, the right Contractor is essential. We often tell clients that selecting a General […] Read More »