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Merchandising in Your Showroom is More than just Balloons

I’ve often walked into a dealership and wondered, who makes the call on what cars go in the showroom?  The average person probably doesn’t ask this question as they walk into your dealership but as an Architect in the car business, it’s a question I am constantly asking myself.  These are, understandably, exceptional times. New […] Read More »

Top 5 Trends in Technology that your dealership should consider.

Technology. We see it in every aspect of our lives.  Every new generation of cars the manufacturers bring to market have exponentially more computing power than the previous generation. The cars on the showroom floor offer cutting edge computer technology. What about the facility they’re being sold in?  How technologically advanced is your dealership? It’s […] Read More »

Exterior Dealership Maintenance – the Silver Lining of These Times

It’s no secret, dealership inventories have never been lower.  Every dealership is feeling it. But there’s a silver lining.  This is the perfect time to tackle all those long postponed exterior dealership maintenance projects. These are the small projects that need to get done around the dealership, but there’s never time. Or, moving inventory to […] Read More »

How Ready Is My Dealership for the Coming Wave of Pure EV?

As a facility owner or manager you’ve likely already asked yourself “How ready is my dealership for the coming wave of Pure EV?” There are many considerations in evaluating the facility for an all-electric product offering from the manufacturer you represent. Read More »